The Power of Principles


Photo by Sebastian Svenson on Unsplash

Everywhere you look online you will see two letters ‘Ai’ — it will “revolutionize your business” and “put you out of work”.

At this point, you can’t tell if I am writing or if Ai is (it’s just me).

It can feel overwhelming to face the never-ending onslaught of new technologies and innovations that the world will continue to throw at us. How can we keep up and what is there to do?

Discover Core Principles

Take some time to discover the principles behind your work as they will lead you to discover core principles. Some core principles include:

  • Design
  • Communication
  • Innovation
  • Management

There are many more.

Use New Technology to your Advantage with Core Principles

If you want to weather the technological advances and, in fact, use them to your advantage focus your continuous learning on the core principle closest to your heart.



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